Get them out of jeopardy help us find homes for mustangs and burros.

In the current political climate, the captive horses aren't safe from slaughter.

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$25 towards $25,000

When we pick out horses and burros for our program, we simply look for animals that show signs of already being able to trust humans. Many times, they've been stuck in short-term holding facilities for years and have simply gotten used to people. They are ready to bond with an owner. The horses in the photo and the video had spent the whole of their adult lives in a shelter-less holding facility in Utah. They learned to run across a landscape for the first time when they came to Mustang Camp. For these type of animals, we can give them a real life.

It would be a tragedy if these trusting animals were shipped to slaughter. In 2016, the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board voted to euthanize these horses stuck in holding. Our response to this threat is to double our productivity and double the number of horses we find home for. We can save lives. The government funding that supported our work has been depleted and the only way we can liberate additional animals is with supporter funding. Our goal, before loosing funding, for 2017 was to train and get 70 horses and burros adopted. We are already at 32!! Your donation will help us get close to the goal. For every $500 raised, we will liberate another mustang.